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A signed copy of the pawlicies is necessary before any pet sitting services begin.  The copy will be kept on file and will not need to be signed again unless the policies change.

A consultation appointment must occur within 7 days of the initial pet sitting visit. This 30-45 minute visit is an opportunity for the sitter to learn about your pet and their routine. It also provides the opportunity to make sure we are a good fit for you and your pet.  Consultation appointments are complimentary if services will begin within 7 days.  If service is not planned within 7 days of the consultation, a $25 charge will be due at the meeting and a complimentary follow-up meeting must occur when services become scheduled. Once you are an established client, it is not necessary to have another consultation unless you or the sitter determine it is in the pet’s best interest, something in the pet’s routine or home has changed, or more than 6 months have passed between visits.  Follow-up consultations for established clients are typically complimentary, though a charge may apply if requests for consultations become excessive.

A key is required before pet sitting services begin.  We are happy to enter your home by using a garage code or other mode of entry, but we must have a key in case there is a power outage or malfunction.  Most clients find that it is convenient to have Kara’s Pet Sitting Service keep the key between service requests.  Keys are never marked with obvious identifying information and are kept stored in a secure location when not in use.  A $10 fee may apply for picking up or returning keys.

Cash and check are preferred.  I also accept credit cards through the Kara’s Pet Sitting Service website.

For vacation clients:
An invoice will be emailed to you within 2 days of your first visit.  Payment is due in full by the first visit.  You may pay by credit card through the website or leave cash/check at your home.  Refunds are typically not given for returning early because time has been blocked to care for your pets.

For weekly clients:
An invoice will be mailed no later than Sunday evening for the upcoming week’s visits. Payments by cash and check can be left at the home or made online by credit card prior to the first weekly visit. If a visit is canceled with at least 24 hours notice, a credit will be applied on the next week’s invoice.  Same-day cancelations are typically not refunded.  If visits are added during the week, those visits will be added to the next week’s invoice.

For your pet’s well-being, a minimum of 3 visits will be required for dogs each day unless they have access to the outdoors between visits.  If they have access to the outdoors, a minimum of 2 visits are required.  There is a minimum of 1 visit required each day for all other pets.  

Dog walking:
Kara’s Pet Sitting Service cannot allow dogs to walk off-leash.  If your yard is not fenced or there is an off-leash park in your area, your dog may remain off-leash in those areas.  Please understand that Kara’s Pet Sitting Service does not accept any liability for injury caused to your pet or others if it is your choice to let your pet be off-leash.

Pet proofing:
It is the client’s responsibility to make sure areas of the home and yard where pets will have access are safe.  This includes making sure fences, gates, latches, and doors are secure. The pet sitter assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to property, injury to your pet, or somebody else’s property or pet.

Multiple Pets:
There is no additional charge for multiple pets provided that their care can be sufficiently provided for in the time allotted for the visit.

There is no additional charge for administering medications, insulin shots, and sub-q fluids.  Blood sugar will not be tested.

Pet Supplies:
Please make sure to purchase enough food, medications, and other supplies to last during your absence.  It is requested that cleaning supplies, dog waste bags, and leashes/collars be provided by the client.  The pet sitter will carry routine supplies if you run out, but food and other supplies not typically carried will need to be purchased by the pet sitter.  Kara’s Pet Sitting service will charge the cost of the item and a convenience charge of $20 should anything need to be purchased.

Visitors to the home:
We do not share jobs with anyone and cannot provide service to you if others will be accessing your home such as neighbors and family members.  This creates liability and safety issues for the pet sitter.  The exceptions to this are listed below in the “weather or emergency section.” Please make sure to let us know of any services such as house cleaning or lawn care that may come to your home during the time we are caring for your pets.  

Weather or emergency:
Your pet will not be walked in weather determined to be unsafe by the pet sitter including but not limited to lightning storms or extreme icy conditions. Your pet will be walked in rain or while it is snowing unless it is specifically requested by the client to not allow this.  Playing inside and/or shortening the visit may occur.  Client’s using weekly services have the option to request that visits occurring during inclement weather be canceled.  If this is arranged in advance, there will be no charge for the canceled visit.

It is the goal of Kara’s Pet Sitting Service to visit pets within 30 minutes of the time requested by the client.  Due to the unpredictable nature of pets and sometimes weather, this can’t always be honored.  Your pet will receive their visit as soon as possible and if there is concern that the visit will occur more than 90 minutes past the scheduled visit time; we will attempt to contact you by phone or email.  If you are a vacation client, it is suggested that a key be left with a trusted neighbor and their number be added to our emergency contact list should roads become too dangerous to travel or close.  

In the event of severe illness or emergency for the pet sitter, a backup sitter will visit your pet and we will attempt to notify you.  If you would prefer that a neighbor or family member take over instead, please make sure we have their name on our emergency contact list.  

Pet Emergency:
In the event your pet needs immediate medical attention, your pet will be transported to your vet or an after-hours emergency facility.  All attempts to contact you will be made.  If you will be difficult to reach during your absence, it is recommended that you make your pet care wishes and payment arrangements known to your vet or an emergency contact that we can call.  Kara’s Pet Sitting Service will not be able to authorize treatment or make payment on your behalf.